Expert opinions for criminal and civil lawsuits

Our highly trained and experienced colleagues are continuously conducting judicial expertises for both public assignments and private referrals.

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The owners of the company are psychology, psychiatry and forensic physician experts. In addition to polygraph examination, we offer the following services to our governmental and private clients:

Expert opinions for criminal and civil lawsuits in the following topics:

  • Expert tasks in actions for damages
  • Expert opinion on drug use and addiction
  • Ascertain suitability for child rearing
  • Establishment of criminal liability and capacity to act
  • Medical expert examination of inability to work, influence of alcohol
  • Forensic medical expert opinion on bodily injuries and health impairments
  • Forensic medical expert opinion related to traumas

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Forensic psychology expert examinations

For example, a psychological expertise in the field of trauma, damages lawsuits, or aptitude for child-raising.

Forensic psychiatrist expert examinations

Accountability, capacity to act, drug use, or anxiety.

Forensic medical expert examinations

Medical examination of incapacity, alcohol status and influence, bodily injuries and health damage.


ReferencesWe can only describe case types, becouse of dicretion matters.


Polygraph Examination

Polygraph examinationGet famailiar with the lie detector.


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