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When would you need polygraph examination?

Contrary to the toy nature suggested in the media, polygraph examination is a serious business that may have positive or negative impact on people's life.

The results of polygraph testing may reveal a lot about people's private, work and social relations, and may shed a different light on marital relations as well.

A friend, colleague or partner who has always seemed honest was not that ethical every time.

It may facilitate progress in criminal cases, produce evidence or victims' bodies, hidden objects, valuables or denied cases may be revealed.

The most uplifting feeling during our practice is when a polygraph examination helps someone to immediately dispel their partner's long standing doubts on the spot, then leave our office relieved and happy, shedding tears of joy. Of course, it may happen on the contrary, proving that a doubt was indeed well-founded. It is thought-provoking per se whether someone agrees to undergo polygraph examination or not.

We provide polygraph services on diverse themes for private and state clients using simple closed questions that can be answered with yes or no.

If you are not sure whether your case is suitable for polygraph examination contact us and we are ready to answer all your questions.

What questions can be asked? How many questions can be asked?

Examinees must be able to answer the questions asked with yes or no, and questions must establish an objective fact.

We cannot ask questions like “does she/he love me?”, “did she/he think that...?” or “is her/his opinion that...?”.

On the other hand, we can ask questions like “did she/he meet her/him?”, “did she/he kiss her/him?” or “did he/she steal it?”, etc.

The examination is quite exhausting. The examination protocol (control questions, recurring series) limits the number of questions that can be asked, but we generally identify the question relevant to the topic during the preliminary discussion and include them in the examination.

Can a health condition, high blood pressure or medication influence the outcome?

Examiners can accurately identify deviations caused by general nervous tension or stress, or those resulting from the use of psychedelic substances. Similarly, the examination and the subsequent assessment thereof accurately indicates any attempts at manipulating the outcome.

Medication usually do not influence the examination, because they are taken to maintain or improve an individual's health. Good health condition is desirable for polygraph testing.

Inform the examiner before the examination if you take any medication.

How accurate is the polygraph?

The polygraph was developed in the United States where the associated research is pursued.

Researchers concluded that a qualified examiner using the polygraph is capable of ascertaining the truth in an answer to a single question with 87-95% accuracy.

It is the most accurate tool available today for determining truth or deception.

The classic application of polygraph examination in the US means verification, that is the outcome of the polygraph test serves to underpin miscellaneous doubts, evidence and statements.

Can someone beat the test?

This question stems from films and spy novels, therefore, no wonder that some potential clients are also curious.

The polygraph works by recording changes in a person's sympathetic nervous system, part of the autonomic nervous system, which operates independently of conscious thought. For example, your lungs and heart continue to operate even when you are asleep - you don't have to think about it.

These systems can be consciously controlled only very slightly. Attempts to change these systems (e.g. by breath control) are usually picked up by professional examiners, who are trained to identify such things.

The test APA (American Polygraph Association) has been conducting for multiple years prove that all manipulation is significantly easier to detect than the energy it takes to try.

We do not claim that it is impossible to theoretically alter the test result, but we hold the view that it is not possible for an examinee with average intellectual capabilities tested by an authentic polygraph and qualified examiner.

What are polygraph results?

The results indicate the truth in the answers to questions. The examinee establishes the results by summarising the findings. This usually means an indication that the “yes” or “no” answers to the questions were honest and true.

Whenever the examiner detects manipulation, it is considered a positive finding, that is false reaction in the test.

The examination is conducted in private. It happened that an examinee used the situation to beg and promise financial advantages to persuade the examiner to manipulate the results. The examiner stops the test at the slightest hint of such attempts and the results are recorded as manipulated.

We suggest that nobody should make a decision that may determine the rest of their lives based only on the results of polygraph examination without obtaining additional evidence and information.

Are polygraph results admissible in court?

As mentioned above, the results of polygraph examinations are used for verification. The results may be considered with other evidence, with more or less weight depending on the nature of the case at hand.

It is not admissible as direct evidence in Hungary, similarly to other countries. Courts, however, usually admit polygraph results as indirect evidence.

Payment terms

There is no need for advance payment for reserving an appointment. Please, reciprocate this trust by contacting us in due time if you are prevented from visiting us so that we can free the reserved appointment.

Tests that have already begun must be paid for in each case, even if it is cancelled due to the examinee.


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