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The process of polygraph testing:

If you decide to undergo a screening polygraph examination, please, get an appointment at our contacts.

Please, select the appointment date after careful deliberation in awareness of your responsibility. Please, have a good night's sleep and arrive well rested, relaxed and without the influence of alcohol or other psychedelic substances. If you are on regular medication, state it to the examiner. Most medications are used to maintain an individual’s good health and recovery, therefore, they do not influence polygraph testing.

Expect to experience some nervousness and anxiety before the examination: this is normal for everyone. This usually subsides during testing and does not influence the outcome of the test.

As a first step, the examiner hears the matter at hand then sets up the examination protocol.

Polygraph examinations usually take 1.5-3 hours depending on the subject. In private cases of adultery, it is usually 1.5-2 hours.

We use a 4-channel analogue Lafayette polygraph unit. The polygraph instrument collects physiological data from at least three systems in the human body.

Rubber tubes that are placed over the examinee's chest and abdominal area to record respiratory activity. Two small metal plates, attached to the fingers, will record sweat gland activity, and a blood pressure cuff will record cardiovascular activity.

The instrument concurrently and continuously records chest and abdominal breathing, galvanic skin response and changes in blood pressure and pulse.

The examiner analyses the diagrams during the examination. An examination consists of a series of questions focusing on the matter at hand as well as control questions.

After the assessment of the findings at the end of the examination, the examiner tells you the results that can be later presented in writing upon request.

Place of examination: 1081 Budapest, II. János Pál pápa tér 3. Office Building, ground floor


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Only persons of legal age with a capacity to act, of normal intellect and in appropriate psychological condition may participate in a polygraph examination.

Testing is subject to the voluntary written content of the examinee.

The matter is discussed and the question is phrased in the presence of the client and the examinee.

Only the examiner and the examinee may be present at the polygraph examination.

Polygraph examinations are only conducted at previously agreed times.


ReferencesWe can only describe case types, becouse of dicretion matters.


Polygraph Examination

Polygraph examinationGet famailiar with the lie detector.


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